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Essex Cottage Farms Kibble Boost'r is the most up-to- date Multi-Nutrient Whole Food Dietary Supplement that provides a powerfully healthy complement to any dog food. Easily sprinkled over any “kibble” or any canned, frozen or homemade food, our superior Whole Food, enzyme, vitamin, mineral formulation provides the additional essential nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients often missing from regular dog foods. You have chosen the best. Our naturally occurring nutrient formulas can’t be over-supplemented and won’t interfere with natural absorption rates. They are also highly palatable (appealing to most finicky eaters) & easily digested


Our nutrient-rich holistic foods are made to exemplary high standards and have been developed from over the past 2 decades of Championship dog breeding experience and testing with many veterinarians and their clients’ dogs, puppies and cats. 

Essex Cottage Farms Kibble Boost'r comes in 1 size: 500g (1lbs)

for average dogs (Per Day)

Just sprinkle over any kibble or dog food!

Dog Weight (lbs)

Amount to Feed (daily)

Under 10lbs

1 tsp

10lbs - 20lbs

2 tsp

20lbs - 30lbs

1 tbsp

40lbs - 50lbs

2 heaped tbsp

60lbs - 80lbs

3 heaped tbsp

90lbs - 100+lbs

4 heaped tbsp

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