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Catherine Woodliffe with her dog
"I have dedicated my life to creating and developing top quality, highly digestible and healthy dog foods through extensive research and hands-on experience."


 Nearly 40 years in the making

Our History

Catherine, creator of the Essex Cottage Farms line of specialty therapeutic health diets and Urban Wolf began her canine career in the 1980s, breeding champion terriers. In 1986, dissatisfied with the poor nutrition that commercial foods offered her dogs, Catherine created an holistic formula rich in natural whole foods and nutrients that was specially designed to give her top show dogs and puppies optimal health and a strong start in life. 


Catherine's success with her original Essex Cottage Farms therapeutic whole food diet mixes led her on another dietary quest 1993, when she developed a recipe specifically for orphaned and injured animals at a private wildlife sanctuary. It had such a positive effect that Catherine decided to reformulate it for dogs, taking into consideration how canines metabolize different whole foods in order to get the most nutrition out of them. Urban Wolf, a line of biologically appropriate raw/real food B.A.R.F. dietary base mix, was born. Urban Wolf exists solely for the purpose of making dogs as healthy as they can be. 


What We Are Now

Since 1986, we have been breeding and showing Top Show Dogs in Canada, all of which been have generationally fed our superior homemade diets. We have always ensured our dogs are fed the best whole foods diets and ingredients. Urban Wolf & Essex Cottage Farms Specialty Therapeutics  are the result of our decades long commitment to provide for our dogs the best quality homemade food. From feeding to grooming, breeding to showing, raising to training, our dogs have been the central part of our lives. As dog professionals, we understand how important diet is, which is why we develop the very best with Urban Wolf & Essex Cottage Farms. 

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