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Essex Cottage Farms Hypoallergenic Health food mix

Steadily establishing itself as the "Miracle Mix", our proven successful Hypoallergenic Diet has was formulated for dogs with suspected or confirmed food allergies & sensitivities. If your dog suffers from food allergies, you know how difficult it is to find a great tasting, nutritious & all-natural pure food that's easily tailored to target your dog's specific food allergies. Until now, you haven't had the choice. As with all our Therapeutic Diets, it's fast & easy-to-prepare & our Customer Service is available to answer any of your questions.


Our Hypoallergenic Health diet is suitable for all breeds of dogs

of all ages: from Toys to Giants, from young adults to seniors. Our Hypoallergenic Health Food premix is a very basic mix that serves as a superior foundation for a very nutritious whole fresh food diet for dogs with limited dietary choices. Your dog will enjoy eating again. Each package comes with complete step-by-step diet instructions for our successful 'Elimination Diet' that helps you select the correct ingredients for your individual dog. We recommend using Essex Cottage Farms Pure Sea Kelp with this diet, as it helps support the thyroid & immune system, essential for dogs with allergies.


Essex Cottage Farms Hypoallergenic Health Food Mix comes in 2 sizes:

Small 1.5g (3lbs), Medium 5kg (11lbs)

*Large 10kg is discontinued*  

for average dogs (Per Day)

Feed 1 - 3 meals per day

Dog Weight (lbs)

Amount to Feed (cups)

Under 10lbs

2 tbsp - 4 tbsp

10lbs - 20lbs

4 tbsp - 1/2 cup

20lbs - 30lbs

3 - 2 cups

40lbs - 50lbs

1 - 2 cups

60lbs - 80lbs

2 - 3 cups

90lbs - 100+lbs

3 - 6 cups

When changing over, we recommend starting on an empty stomach & feed 2 - 3 times per day. Do no feed with any other food and follow your Veterinarian's instructions regarding medications & supplements. Do not feed commercial treats, other dog foods, or table scraps.

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