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Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetables Product

Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetable Supplement is a unique blend of carefully selected vegetables & apple for their superior nutritive & antioxidant properties. Easy to feed. Use as a supplement to give your pet a daily serving of vegetables or use with Essex Cottage Farms Health diets or any other homemade dog food recipe in place of fresh vegetables. We just made homemade EASIER!

Our products were professionally developed & tested over time with our top veterinarians by our own Kennel Master - we are Top Dog Breeders, everyday Hands-On-Care-Givers, Nutrition Experts, and long time dog owners. Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetables offers North America's finest quality of vegetables. With no preservatives, sweeteners or dyes, this all-natural, organic supplement is an excellent way to help ensure your dog's optimal health and vitality. Recommended to be added to all of our available Essex Cottage Farms Therapeutic diets as an alternative to fresh fruits & vegetables.

Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetables comes in 2 sizes: 250g & 900g 

With Essex Cottage Farms Health Food Mixes:
Add 1 cup Garden Vegetables + 1 1/2 cup water per standard recipe (Adult or Puppy) in place of fresh vegetables.


As Daily Vegetable Supplement:
Feed 1 tsp. Garden Vegetables per 10 lb. body weight with food
Homemade B.A.R.F Diets : Use 1/2 cup Garden Vegetables + 1 1/2 cup water to make up 2 cups pureed Vegetable Mixture. Use instead of fresh pureed vegetables. 


Add Garden Vegetables to any homemade dog biscuit recipe.
Or Add 1/4 cup Garden Vegetables to our Kibble Boost’r Health Biscuit recipe to make super-green Vegetable biscuits

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