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Essex Cottage Farms Kidney/Liver Mix

Essex Cottage Farms K/L Dietary Base Mix was professionally as a reduced protein/reduced mineral & also allows for low purine producing foods. Not all dogs have the same needs, our diet has the unique feature that allows you to select the best protein source for your individual dog. Great tasting & HIGHLY digestible. Easy-to-prepare, each package comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Our Special Dietary Mix has the same excellent quality as our other Health Food Diets except this one has reduced minerals & protein & recommends fresh food alternatives to preserve your dog's kidneys/liver.  It allows your ailing dog to eat the healthiest diet at the same time taking the stress of the kidneys/liver. We recommend using Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetables & Essex Cottage Farms 100% Pure Sea Kelp with this.

For Kidney Problems: Please have your dog’s kidney levels tested by your Veterinarian BEFORE you start this diet. Re-test kidney levels as Vet Recommends. Adjust diet by increasing or decreasing the amount of meat you add as tests dictate. If possible, always feed at least 50% or more meat in the diet. Re-test kidney function on a regular basis as per your Vet’s advice. 

For Liver Problems: Please have your dog’s liver function levels tested by your Veterinarian BEFORE you start on this diet. Adjust diet by increasing, decreasing or changing protein sources as tests dictate.

Always Please inform & follow your Veterinarian’s advice when starting & using this diet. 

Essex Cottage Farms Special Support Diet Kidney/Liver comes

in 1 size: 5kg (11lbs)

for average dogs (Per Day)

Feed 1 - 3 meals per day

Dog Weight (lbs)

Amount to Feed (cups)

Under 10lbs

2 tbsp - 4 tbsp

10lbs - 20lbs

4 tbsp - 1/2 cup

20lbs - 30lbs

3 - 2 cups

40lbs - 50lbs

1 - 2 cups

60lbs - 80lbs

2 - 3 cups

90lbs - 100lbs

3 - 6 cups

When changing over, we recommend starting on an empty stomach & feed 2 - 3 times per day. Do no feed with any other food and follow your Veterinarian's instructions regarding medications & supplements. 

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