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Essex Cottage Farms Gastro product images

Essex Cottage Farms Gastro Multi-Purpose Health Food Mix was professionally formulated for easy digestion. This base mix allows you to select the fresh food ingredients to create your own highly digestible homemade dog food. Essex Cottage Farms Gastro is designed to be used with Essex Cottage Farms Garden Vegetables, Essex Cottage Farms Alfalfa & Urban Wolf Pure Wild Fish Oil SoftGelsIt's as gentle as baby food with the nutrient content to suit adult dogs. It was carefully balanced to ensure maximum digestibility & nutrition for dogs with Sensitive Stomachs, Chronic Diarrhea, Soft Stools, Vomiting,  Pancreatic disorders, IBS/IBD, Bloat, Diabetes, Stress, Recovery from Trauma, Post-op (it purees well), Underweight dogs, Dental problems & virtually any Digestive problem. You'll find it fast & easy to prepare & you'll love the results. Your dog will enjoy eating again! 


Our Gastro Diet the ideal diet for your Large or Giant breed that's predisposed to BLOAT.  Any large or giant breed that was raised on a Kibble puppy food is at risk for deadly BLOAT. If this is the case with your dog, we recommend  you start feeding our Gastro Health Diet now.  It is your dog's best chance at preventing deadly Bloat. If your dog has Chronic diarrhea and occasional vomiting that are not resolved by diet, your dog may have a pancreatic (or other) disorder and may need digestive enzymes, please consult your Vet.  


Essex Cottage Farms Gastro Multi-Purpose Health Food Mix comes in 2 sizes: Small 1.5g (3lbs), Medium 5kg (11lbs)

*Large 10kg is discontinued*  

for average dogs (Per Day)

Feed 1 - 3 meals per day

Dog Weight (lbs)

Amount to Feed (cups)

Under 10lbs

2 tbsp - 4 tbsp

10lbs - 20lbs

4 tbsp - 1/2 cup

20lbs - 30lbs

1/2 - 1 cups

40lbs - 50lbs

1 - 2 cups

60lbs - 80lbs

2 - 3 cups

90lbs - 100+lbs

3 - 6 cups

When changing over, we recommend starting on an empty stomach & feed 2 - 3 times per day. Do no feed with any other food and follow your Veterinarian's instructions regarding medications & supplements. 

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